Farm  Vignudelli
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The Island of Elba's climate is suitable for growing virtually all varieties of vegetables, and especially courgettes, tomatoes, aubergines, green beans, bell peppers, cucumbers and lettuce, all by strictly organic methods.

On the Colle del Romito ridge we grow lemons and oranges and are conducting trials with a special variety of lemon called the Finger Lime.  


Agricola Vignudelli organically farms white Leghorn laying hens, rabbits, quail, peacock, turkey and guinea fowl, which for safety reasons are raised in a large fenced enclosure. 

Elba has always been a bee-keepers' paradise, so Agricola Vignudelli just had to include them. We have a permanent apiary, in production from March to mid-August to ensure that the honey obtained is made from all the flowers of the Tuscan Archipelago.